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For over a decade, TRI scientists have been conducting experimental research investigating the critical elements of specialized programs for drug offenders and determining which types of drug offenders are best suited for which types of programs. This field-leading research has resulted in the development of several tools to assist problem-solving courts.

These highly secure, web-based systems are designed to be easily implemented into day-to-day use by program staff. Straightforward and reliable, these tools for courts provide immediate results and easy-to-read reports that help program staff place clients in the appropriate level of treatment and supervision, manage and respond to changes in client status, while at the same time demonstrating program performance.


The Risk and Needs Triage (RANT) tools are highly secure web-based decision support solutions for judges and other criminal justice professionals. They are derived from empirical evidence showing that outcomes in community correctional settings are influenced by how well drug and DUI-involved offenders are matched to services suited to both their criminogenic risks and clinical needs.

RANT® Streamline

RANT Streamline includes a client risk/needs assessment that can be administered by program personnel in 15 minutes or less – with minimal training, by a jurisdiction. The software immediately generates easily understandable reports sorting offenders into one of four risk/needs quadrants with direct implications for suitable correctional dispositions and behavioral health treatment.


RANT-Plus includes features in the basic RANT and aggregates data to create comparative management reports based on gender, race and other demographics. It also offers optional questions assessing antisocial personality disorder with corresponding reports, and other features that allow users to track the outcomes of assigned supervision.


DUI-RANT was derived from the empirically-based risk and needs triage tool and is used to improve how offenders are assessed and managed. It generates criminogenic risk and treatment need profiles for DUI offenders to help determine optimal levels of treatment and supervision for each individual.


DUI-RANT-Plus incorporates the elements from the basic DUI-RANT, as well as accumulates data allowing for the production of management reports comparing DUI-RANT data elements based on gender, race and other demographics. In addition, it offers an optional antisocial personality disorder module with corresponding reports, and an outcomes module that allows users to track the results of the assigned supervision.

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TRI-CEP is a user-friendly web-based system that allows problem-solving courts to collect and manage data to more effectively coordinate treatment, supervision and evaluation needs. Easy-to-use screens, immediate reports and adaptive recommendations help jurisdictions and other stakeholders manage clients and measure overall court effectiveness.

TRI-CEP provides automatic alerts to all key stakeholders regarding client progress, and provides specific recommendations on adjustments to supervision or treatment services to keep the client on track. This system fosters judicial-clinical collaboration, improving client outcomes and court efficiency and effectiveness.

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